Welcome to the LASU 2019/2020 Admission Screening Exercise

Welcome to our 2019/2020 admissions screening portal. You will need to supply some basic information, a passport sized photogragh and make payments on this segment of the process. The photograph should be at most 20kb in size and should be a jpeg/jpg file.

The starting point is the signup page - there are two such pages, one for UME applicants UME applicants' sign up page and the other for direct entry applicants Direct Entry applicants' sign up page .

Then you will employ the login page Login Page to generate the needed debt.

You will pay the required fees using the e-payment page e-Payment Page thereafter you will need to re-login to the login page again to view the PIN that you will employ at the screening portion Screening Section .

You may pay and get yourself screened multiple times, each time you make payment you simply refresh the login page and the pin that you will use on the next leg will be echoed to you. Instructions are available Instructions .

We have made arrangements for these two numbers to available throughout the pendenyc of the exercise for you to get across to us but we'd like that communication to be via sms only so that we can compile the records so created. The numbers are 0812-353-2131 and 0818-127-8993

We wish you success.

We are LASU, We are proud

UTME Sign Up DE Sign Up Step 2: e-Payment Page Step 3: Login Step 4: Detailed Instructions 1. The Advertisement